Spam with Sugar + Mom and Tina’s Desserts

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

One night, I suddenly crave for Conti’s Mango Bravo. Travelling from Libis to Serendra would take more than an hour and Conti’s would probably close by that time. Then I thought of ice cream cakes from Mom and Tina’s which is just a few minutes away from the office. So I dragged Tapioca there and bought these. . .

. . . mango with cashew nuts ice cream cake for jellybean

apple pie for tapioca . . .

The mango cake was yummy but I would still go for Conti’s mango bravo anytime of the day. Anyway, it’s still a good substitute. Tapioca on the other hand was disappointed with his apple pie. Yeah it’s not too sweet which was good but then the pastry was sort of deceiving. The pastry was fluffy on the outside which made it look like there’s a lot of a filling as oppose as to what’s really inside.

Moving on to the main course, we’re going to have spam dredged in brown sugar. Tapioca learned this from his mom.

Here, he sliced the spam then dredged them in brown sugar.

Next, he fried them until they turned brown.

Here you go folks. Tonight’s dinner, spam with sugar. This is something new to me but when I tried it the taste was very familiar. Does tocino rings a bell? That’s right. It tasted like tocino without the tough or fatty parts. Me likey! These spam goes well with bread, soup and a bottle of coke. Pardon the burnt bread. Somebody left them in the oven toaster longer than they’re supposed to be. :-P

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