Adobo Republic

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's Tapioca’s turn to choose a restaurant and that’s at Adobo Republic along P. Tuazon Avenue. From the name itself you will know what they serve . . . adobo at its best with a lot of twist to boot.

We started off with . . .

. . . chicken spaghetti soup

It looked liked the Pinoy sopas we’re so used to and yeah it's very much like sopas except they used spaghetti noodles. The soup was very flavorful and has passed my standard. It’s the kind of comfort food you would like eat during rainy days. You will love it even more because it cheap. 25 bucks and I bet you I can down 2 or 3 bowls of this wonderful chicken soup.

adobo diablo. . .

Super spicy pork adobo with Diablo rice (even more spicy than the meat), half a tomato and half a salted egg. Tapioca had this. The pork was so spicy he had to order two extra rice and more salted eggs and tomatoes. This is his all time favorite here.

. . . adobo sa gata

Chicken and pork adobo with coconut milk. Jellybean’s choice. The coco milk thickens the sauce making it creamier and gave a new twist for adobo. Kinda felt like I’m not eating adobo anymore but hey it’s pretty good. There were slices of chili fingers shown on the pic but it's not as hot as what Tapioca ordered. How I wish there were more sauce to slather on my rice. I paired my meal with this . . .

root beer float . . .

We just got to try two of their best sellers and there are still more adobo with more twist to try. For adobo lovers out there, there's no reason to miss this place.

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