Pancake House Take Out

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Weekend meals at the office, in our cases are usually all time boring. That’s why we are forced to buy take outs or order out at places that serve affordable yet good food. But sometimes you have to pay extra just to get something that would surely take away the stressful ambiance of staying in the office for long hours. For this weekend meal, Nyokie was kind enough to buy us take outs from Pancake House.

. . .spaghetti with meat sauce –

My all time fave from pancake house. Never get tired of it. And all those years the taste is always the same except the serving size, of course.

Jellybean had the grilled cream cheese sandwich with potato salad on the side. Loved the sandwich but gave the potato salad to Tapioca. Somehow it tasted weird for me. Prolly because of the pineapple.

Tapioca had grilled ham and cheese sandwich with french fries on the side.

There you go folks. And that’s how we survive our weekends in the office. I know it’s kinda hurtful on our pockets but we had no choice and it’s for the weekends only though.

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