Ristras and Serenitea

Saturday, July 3, 2010

We have been watching Man Vs Food lately and Tapioca always turns green with envy from watching Adam Richman eat all those gigantic food especially one of his fave Mexican food, burrito. Then one day, I discovered a restaurant offering burrito and they also came up with a challenge like the one in Man Vs Food. I told Tapioca about it and next thing I knew we were heading to Ristras with officemate Christian and his Italian girlfriend, Iris.

. . . Iris and Christian

When we got to the place Tapioca changes his mind and decided not to take the challenge. He wanted to take his time eating the burrito to enjoy it. The guys got the burrito. And us girls got the quesadilla. Upon ordering, they will ask what meat do you want to go with you’re burrito or quesadilla. They have chicken, shredded pork, roast beef and a lot more. Then they will assemble them in front of you.

Here’s the burrito and a basket of tortilla.

Tapioca paired his burrito with Mexican beer, called Corona and I had their home made sugar cane lemonade. The lemonade was quite pricey for such a small cup. As for the taste, it was just okay.

Here’s our quesadilla. It’s as huge as a 12-inch pizza folded in half and it’s full of meat and all the Mexican goodness. Iris told me that we had to treat this quesadilla as an enemy, and that we have to conquer it and bring it down. I only managed to finished half of this one, though. It was very filling.

I still like Jalapeno’s quesadilla especially their sour cream. Tapioca would have to agree with me. It’s just that the servings are big but taste wise we are still rooting for Jalapeno’s burrito and quesadilla.

We ate our food al fresco and it was extremely hot that day. We noticed a lot of people going to Ristras were going to the other side of the street to a store called Serenitea. After that very filling meal we decided to chill at Serenitea and order some tea to help digest the food we ate and to cool down on this super hot weather.

From the name it self it's obvious they're selling tea. But this place isn't just any other tea places. This is a tea haven. They have an extensive menu just for tea alone and they serve it freshly brewed. Hot or cold. With or without milk. And you can choose the sweetness level from 0% to 100% or beyond. You can also add sinkers on you tea like pearl, crystal, black bricks, pudding, lime jelly, and QQ. I tried one of their best sellers, Hokkaido with 50% sugar level and it was perfect. Just the way I like my tea. I would love to try all their tea especially their milk tea but this place is just too far from our place. They deliver but in San Juan area only.

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