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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

In the past months I’ve been going to Sikatuna Village for my monthly braces adjustment, Lara (Vanjee’s sister) and I always see this restaurant in bright pink and green that is so hard to miss when taking the LRT 2 and dropping off at Anonas station. The foodie in me is always eager to try new places to eat but with the both us having our braces newly adjusted, the thought of going o a food trip doesn’t seem to thrill us.

One day Tapioca was heading to Gilmore to buy a bigger capacity hard drive for his PC and I decided to come along with him. We went to Anonas to take the LRT 2 when Tapioca spotted the restaurant in bright pink and green sign reading Best Friends. We haven’t eaten yet so he thought of having breakfast there. But I already had ice cream on my mind ( imagine ice cream for breakfast? yeah definitely soooo me!!! ) and since we’re heading to Gilmore I just knew where I wanted to eat and that’s at the Nestle Creamery near Gilmore.

When we arrived at Gilmore the PC stores are still closed so Tapioca and I walked a bit to Nestle Creamery. Unforch the creamery won’t be open til 11am and I have a shift at 12 noon so that means no ice cream for me. Sigh. Tapioca tried his very best to console me and promise we're going back there next time and he’ll make sure Nestle Creamery is open. (As of this time Nestle Creamy is gone and now replaced by soon to rise condominiums.)

No dinner plans that night so we both decided to try Best Friends and we’re so glad we did.

. . . sago’t gulaman

Just okay but it’s cheaper compared to Chowking.

sinigang na baboy . . .

At first the server told us that this is no longer available because they ran out of veggies. We said we don’t mind cos we’re just after the sour soup. When it arrived at our table, the sinigang was served in a super huge bowl! It just didn't seem like it on the picture but it's really big. Approximately good for 3-4 people. We were like, “do you think we can finished the entire thing? I think we ordered a lot.” You betcha. By the way, the soup was really good and had the right amount of sourness. And the meat, it was tender and amazingly I did not have a hard time chewing on it.

. . . buttered chicken

Another item with big serving from Best Friends. It’s super good on its own. No need to dip it on sauce. Love its crispy coatings accompanied with whole lotta butter. Lip smacking goodness.

. . . mixed pancit bihon and miki

Nothing fancy. But it has a distinct taste or flavor that I’ve known only from this version of Best Friends. And the part that Tapioca loved the most . . . eat all you can rice! And wait there’s more. They’re open 24 hours. Yay! Another food discovery from Tapioca and Jellybean.

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