Retrospect: Bili Kayo Ice Candy?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Hi! Ho! You might be surprise to see quite a number of posts in my blog which is VERY unusual. My blogging spirit is up which allows me to create blog post one after another. We are on a 3 day vacation supposedly for our Singapore trip that did not push thru. But anyhow, we still wanted to maximize our time and be productive and at the same time enjoy. We needed a breather from all the things we're going through.

Tapioca and I had a mini vacation once again out of the city though it's just a few minutes away from Manila. I will make a post about that soon but for now I'm making way for my super-duper back logs. I'm making kalkal the hard drive for old pictures that I don't want to go to waste. What I mean is I don't want to be stuck with just pictures. Pictures are best seen with words put into them. It helps you remember. And that's basically the whole point of my blog.

Enough said, let's get back to business. Reminiscing.

It was summer. One super hot afternoon Tapioca and I decided to go to the mall for lunch and for free air conditioning. I was having a really bad headache and the temperature at the house was so high like I'm going to get a fever or something. We were thinking of watching a movie after or maybe buy something to cook for dinner. After our cheap late lunch at Ali Mall, my headache went away but I got sleepy. So we decided to just forget the idea of watching a movie and went to Farmer's market instead to buy ingredients for dinner. Then we thought of buying an ice chest to store some ice. We still didn't have the budget to buy our own fridge yet so we figured it would make do for the mean time especially during these days when the weather turned hotter and hotter everyday.

As we were walking from the market to the jeepney terminal, Tapioca chuckled, "gusto mo bumili ng ice candy?" At first I didn't get it but I took a second look and I understood what he meant. To make it more simple here's what he looked like.

ice candy boy . . . pwede!

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