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Friday, February 24, 2012

Cute little stuff toys... er puppies, I mean.

The girls and I were at the weekend market after our badminton session. Vanjee was inquiring for a vet in the area when I spotted this . . .

I thought it was a bunch of stuff toys but lookey, lookey, they're alive!

Aren't they such cutie pies? Tapioca and I once talked about getting a dog. But I'm more of a cat person. But if ever, yeah you heard it, if ever we're gonna get a dog we wanted a beagle. Just like my all time fave, and the most popular beagle in the world, Snoopy. Did I just said I'm a cat person? Yeah I am but I love Snoopy because he doesn't bite *big smile*.

Anyway, just recently Tapioca has turned into a cat person. And that's because of . . .

. . . Sunday!!!

Look, she wanted to join us on our vacation. Kasya naman daw sya sa loob ng bag. LOL!

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