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Thursday, February 9, 2012

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Tomorrow is Tapioca's birthday. Our supposed out of the country trip has been postponed until further notice. My passport is about to expire soon. I'm hoping I'll be able to renew it the soonest possible.

As usual, we didn't have any plans for his birthday. If circumstances would allow, I'd love to make up a plan. Well, we do have a plan. It's a plan for some vacation only it will be within the country. The last time I had a vacation I went to Bicol. And that was October of last year, almost 4 months ago. Gee, that felt like ages ago. Ask Tapioca when was his last vacation. Let see, hmmm . . . *back reading my blog* . . . . Tagaytay trip? Yikes, even ages ago than mine. We definitely needed a vacation (especially him).

This weekend, we 're going up north, up the highlands. Though I'm not so sure if it's my kind of vacation. You know, I noticed when you get older you see things differently. You know exactly what you want. But right now I couldn't care less about this so called vacay. As long as I will be able to leave my life in Manila for a day or two I know I will be fine. We'll be fine.

This is supposed to be a birthday post and there should be a cake (a real one) but not now. Sorry guys. I guess I will make bawi when we get back.

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