Friday, February 24, 2012

This restaurant has been in Eastwood for the longest time and we finally decided to give it a go. Never been fans of fusion (and that's what Omakase is known for) but we just wanted something Japanese.

To start our meal we ordered the bottomless iced tea. They have several flavors of iced tea. I had the Panama orange something iced tea while Tapioca had the red iced tea. I didn't like the orange-y tea but good thing they let me switched to another iced tea flavor without paying extra.

bottomless iced tea, anyone?

. . . a little surprise in a bowl

miso soup . . .

After taking a spoonful of my soup, I knew right then we went to the right place. This was one of the best miso soup I'd ever had. I finished my bowl (and Tapioca's) without leaving a single drop.

Omakase had a very extensive menu and we had a hard time choosing. Since I enjoyed the miso soup and the silky tofu that came with it, I decided to order this . . .

. . . agedashi tofu

This was okay but I like Teriyaki Boy's version more. I dunno but I think I like my tofu with more sauce (or should I say swimming in a pool of yummy sauce).

tofu steak . . .

Second dish of tofu in the table. Isn't it obvious? We love tofu! This was Tapioca's order. Two of the things he loves to eat. Tofu and steak. He liked the idea of them being together in one dish. I guess we were on a tofu cravings that night therefore the tofu overload hahaha!

. . . soft-shell crab tempura

Please pardon the pics as the resto had a dim light setting and I was just using my phone camera. On impromptu dinner like this I have no choice but to use my phone. Going back to the food, I wanted tempura and we saw this crab on the menu. This was our first encounter with the soft-shell crabs (never imagine they existed!). It was pure crab goodness. No more messy business of cracking, pulling or twisting. You can actually eat the entire thing, that's the legs and claws and shell all in one go without thinking of hurting your mouth in the process. It's soft shells baby but it's crunchy and lip smackin' good. We were in crab heaven, literally.

. . . omakese fried rice

This tasted so good. Kanin pa lang ulam na. Our only complaint, it was too oily. I think it didn't match what we were eating as most of them were already flavorful and oily (read: tempura and steak). We should have ordered plain rice instead.

In fairness, the food was great and of good quality. After experiencing Little Tokyo (see it here and here), we pretty much had high expectations for Japanese food. Surprisingly, Omakase did meet our expectations. With a whole lot of dishes to try we might expect ourselves to come back for more.

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