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Thursday, February 16, 2012

From Good Shepherd Convent we took a cab and went straight to Session Road for the steakhouse that Tapioca misses so much.

When I saw the signage, the first thing that came to mind was the Sizzling Plate in the foodcourts of SM malls. I was kinda hesitant as I felt that we went to the wrong place. Knowing Tapioca he can be so picky with meat. He even disses all those 99 pesos steak places mushrooming in Metro Manila but on this one I have to trust his judgement.

The place was old and the interior was of a log cabin.

We thought it's just gonna be the two of us but my teammates Lyza and Jay gamely joined us on our food trip. Jay was suppose to order the 5 pieces/sticks of barbeque meal but Tapioca insisted that we all order steak since it's the house specialty. And we obliged. He also demanded that we pair our steaks with beer. Not in the mood to drink beer, Lyza suggested these instead . . .

. . . bottled cali shandy (in fairness, meron pa pala nito)

Every meal on the menu comes with soup and java rice.

. . . cream of mushroom soup

This was served before the meal.

. . . java rice

Our food arrived in no time and when I saw the big slices of meat, I finally let go of my bad feelings earlier and concluded that Tapioca was right about this place. For a 230 grams of meat we paid less than 300 pesos. So cheap yet so good. This was definitely not the Sizzling Plate from the SM foodcourts.

Australian T-Bone (medium rare)

This was Tapioca, Lyza and Jay's order. They wanted some fat on their steaks so they chose this cut. Tapioca had it medium rare as he likes it a little bloody. Our server was very knowledgeable with the different types of steak cuts and he answered all our questions happily. Plus points for the service.

Australian rib-eye (medium)

Jellybean's choice. The steak comes with whole cup of gravy to pour onto your plate. And one cup is a lot so you just pour little by little and your plate will all go sizzle. And when the gravy dries off you can just add some more. See how my plate sizzles? Loved it. I wish we can make the same gravy at home.

The fries (which was made from real potatoes) and veggies were perfect with the steak. I wasn't able to finish my java rice as I was satisfied with the fries which was plenty.

For dessert we had ice cream at SM Baguio. Oopps, sorry but no picture here. Ask why SM Baguio? Well, it's Jay and Lyza's first time to visit Baguio and since we're already in Session Road which was a few blocks away from SM, why not go there for dessert. We didn't have any pictures in SM so I'm gonna have to cut my blog post here. I promise to end my Baguio entry on the next post.

I know it's just Thursday but anyway, happy weekend everyone!

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