Weekend In Baguio

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Our first adventure for the year 2012. First timers no more but it's our first time together in the summer capital. Tapioca used to live (and work) in Baguio a long time ago while I, on the other hand had been there several times with friends. The last time I've been there was back in 2008. And I went there twice on that same year (a side trip from Sagada and Ilocos Sur for Anjee's wedding). Gosh, those were horrible times to go to Baguio. So glad on this trip we had a hassle-free boarding since we bought tickets days before the scheduled trip.

. . . picture taking on the bus, bye bye metro manila

The Victory liner bus had WIFI on board powered by Sun Broadband. Social! Too bad I did not bring my netbook. My phone does have wifi but I'm scared of having my phone battery die on me especially when travelling. I have to save those precious remaining battery power until we get to our destination .

Manila to Baguio route usually takes 6 hours but due to some on going road construction it took us more time on the road.

hello Baguio . . .

. . . with flash on

Finally, we have arrived. This is the best (and the only good) part of our transient house. A backyard that has a lovely backdrop of the city. Time to make some memories. It was almost night time (twilight, anyone?) so I had to use my camera's flash. But I hate flash photography. I tried turning off the flash, set my camera to night mode and look at the photos we've got.

without the flash . . .

Twilight turned into a broad daylight. Brazil, brazil, is that you?

. . . Rio de Janero, Brazil

Yeah that's how I'd like to think where we were on this pic.

And here we are enjoying this Brazil-like background in Baguio.

The picture taking moments in the backyard continued until morning. This time the sun has fully risen. No more camera trick (duh, what trick am I talking about) but still the view was impressive.

More picture loaded post coming right up.

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