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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Some backlog post.

In the mood to cook, I decided to surprise Tapioca with a healthy dinner. I was thinking of fish and vegetable combo. Off I went to the wet market and bought vegetables but I couldn't find any tilapia. Well, I went there late and most of the stalls are already closed. Stupid me didn't think of going to the supermarket and instead bought a fish that's already cooked.

I needed to prepare a quick and easy dinner. The least of my worry are the fish (it wasn't a stupid decision after all). They're already cooked. So I sauteed the carrots, string beans, baby corn and cauliflower. Then I thought of adding some of the soup I made earlier (the Knorr instant cream of mushroom). The veggies turned out great. The soup added flavor to vegetable which has no sahog at all.

healthy living

This is what you called a guilt free indulgence.

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