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Friday, February 24, 2012

I never thought that a weekend in Baguio could make a total of 4 blog posts. Just image if we spent an entire week, baka umabot ng 10 posts itech heheheh. Anyway, as promise here's the continuation of my Baguio getaway.

As what I said on my previous post, Lyza and Jay were both first timers in Baguio. Since we only have limited time to explore we just went to the nearest tourist attractions. From SM we went to the Burnham Park.

Since it was a Sunday (oh we missed our cat, Sunday), the park was crowded. Baguio has now become a city that ban smoking. Jay and Tapioca had difficulty finding smoking areas. Then we had an idea. We all agreed to chill and relax on these rented boats at the same time a chance for the guys to puff and huff.

. . . please ignore the bulging tummy (teehee!)

When they got tired from all the rowing and puffing (and huffing), we called it a day.

We were suppose to go back to the transient house but the thought of one of my favorite parks crossed my mind. I suddenly felt bad that Jay and Lyza will miss it. So with my perseverance and my camera's dying battery off we went to . . .

The Mansion . . .

. . . The Wright Park - my favorite

And here's more picture of us in the park . . .

Christmas is in the air?

I wanted to do horse back riding but I was scared and tired so nagpa-picture na lang me with the horsey.

So there you go folks. The final installment of the Baguio series. It was a short vacation hence it was stressful as we were making habol the time. Baguio has change a lot from my last visit. The rise of new buildings and condos that was never there before. The smell of the pine trees are gone. Not to mention the heavy traffic at Burnham. Things do change. Could be for the better or for worse. Still I would love to go back for the food and wonderful weather. Goodbye Baguio. Til next time.

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