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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Yesterday was Valentines day but we had work so it was treated like a normal day. Except it wasn't a normal day for the rest of the world. Went to work early as we expected the heavy traffic in Eastwood. And boy, we sure did the right thing. We saw lots of couples with big bouquet of flowers roaming around Eastwood. Despite the crowded malls and horrible traffic, these people still managed to celebrate the hearts day with loved one. Good for them. But me, I would rather skip the date and avoid the crowd. It's not my idea of a romantic night. Buti na lang Tapioca celebrates his day in the month of February which gives us reason to celebrate Valentines on his birthday.

Anyway, Tapioca and I already had our celebration and that's when we went to Baguio last week. It was a team outing but we had it as his post birthday/pre-valentine celebration. So here's the continuation of my Baguio post.

Baguio is such a small city that you can tour and cover most of the must-see places in just one day. That is if you don't 1) walk so slow and stop every minute or second on something that amuses you 2) spend a lot of time taking pictures of everything you see. Well, we didn't qualify on all of the above therefore one day is not enough for us to see all of Baguio.

Some of my teammates were first timers in Baguio so we took them to one of Baguio's must see place. At Mines View Park

Just a few of the many pics we took at Mines View Park

Jellybean and Lyza at the observation deck

We went to Mines View early in the morning. It was windy and very chilly therefore the bonnet in my head. It wasn't that foggy so we had the full panoramic view of Benguet's gold and copper mine and the mountains surrounding the area.

Our next stop . . .

. . . Good Shepherd Convent

Good Shepherd is the place to be to buy pasalubong. Their famous special ube jam was the main reason we went here. While walking towards Good Shepherd we saw a taho vendor and bought this . . .

. . . taho in strawberry syrup with real strawberry bits and pieces

Only in Baguio you can have taho with strawberries in it. You shouldn't miss this.

Good Shepherd has a bakery as well selling these yummy goodies.

I was eyeing the pesto herb bread and the strawberry cinnamon loaf but we had a limited budget so next time na lang.

When in Baguio, expect anything and everything strawberry. Just like this fresh calamansi and lemon juice with strawberry syrup for only twenty pesos. Very citrus-y and it was balance by the sweetness of the strawberry syrup. Liked it.

Lunchtime has arrived and Tapioca insisted that we try the steakhouse he often visit in Baguio. Not everyone wanted to have steak so we decided to separate ways with the group. On the next post, I'll share more of the Baguio pics and the food we had for lunch so stick around, okay?

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