Retrospect: 3D Technology

Friday, February 24, 2012

These photos were taken back in 2010 and finally made its way to this blog. It was the time when 3D technology was making a huge hype in the market with all those 3D movies from Hollywood.

This was me and Vanj at a Samsung booth in SM Makati. Samsung launched the world’s first 3D home theater system.

Then a few months after, Sony released their own. Here's Tapioca and Papa R trying out the set.

We can never afford to buy these TVs and won't even consider it. The thing gives me the headache so for now we will just get our 3D movie doze from the cinema. This post is basically a remembrance of my first encounter with 3D, in cinema and in home theater system. That's all.

That's me and Tapioca on my very first 3D movie experience. We watched the Shrek Forever and After which was not as good as the previous Shrek movies although I must admit I got amazed with the 3D effect. First timer, eh.

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