Araneta Center's Green & Go Electric Buses

Thursday, March 1, 2012

These electric buses can be seen roaming around Araneta Center. Tapioca said it was created for those people who are lazy to walk from Ali Mall to Gateway or vise-versa. He said walking the entire length of these two malls were pretty much doable without exhausting yourself. Well, I just felt the need of trying it out just to kill my curiosity. Imagine seeing the darn thing everyday? I persuaded Tapioca to go ride the bus with me and we lined up.

So my curiosity made me discover things about this Eco tram. There's no fare or charge to ride the tram but if you bought something or anything from the stores and restos in Gateway or Ali Mall you will get priority seats. You just have to present your receipts to manong guard who manned the line. Also the lines for these trams can be found where the taxi bays are located so if you are hiring a cab instead, double check which line is which.

Happy face. Cyempre I got my wish. But Tapioca looked soooo napilitan lang on this pic. Well he really didn't want to try this ride. In fairness, the manong driver was driving the thing very carefully. Though there were seat belts I couldn't help but get paranoid whenever some fast driving vehicles passed us by. You never know how these reckless drivers can do on the road. Mahirap na.

So much for my Eco tram experience. I'm now convinced it's for lazy people. Yeah, kailangan ma-experience to say that with conviction. LOL. Anyway, what's more earth friendly than to walk, debah? But if you have too much baggage, I think this is fine.

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