Rai Rai Ken

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I was disheartened when I found out Teriyaki Boy no longer serves my fave mabo tofu. Until one day while checking out Rai Rai Ken's menu, we discovered they have it. Without thinking twice we got a booth seat and ordered away.

. . . ebi tempura

yakimeshi and gohan . . .

. . . miso soup

mabo tofu . . .

I was expecting a soupy mabu tofu just like in Teriyaki Boy. Their version reminded us of Hap Chan's but taste wise Hap Chan's waaaay better. Also this was stone cold when served to us :-(

. . . gyoza

We love Rai Rai Ken for it's affordable and wide variety of ramen dishes but on this visit they have the lousiest service ever. It was a Sunday and the place was full. And speaking of ramen they have mabo tofu ramen which we really like almost comparable to Shinjuku' (but not quite). Overall, it's a good alternative for a Japanese fix.

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