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Monday, March 19, 2012

This resto used to be a place we go to when we're hungry like a beast and on a budget constraint. Sadly their branch in SM Cubao has already close down. Sharing our memories of their ulimited pasta for P149 only.

. . . place mat to keep you entertain

While waiting for the food to arrive we had fun answering the puzzles. Paunahan matapos hehehe.

mushroom soup . ..

I liked this soup very much. The earthy flavors from the mushroom and the cream blended so well. The bread stick was yummy, too. We could have asked for more but we knew better. Got to make room for the carbs.

. . . pepperoni pizza
 This was gone in seconds. I told you we were hungry.  
beef pomodoro . . .

This was very tasty except we wished they put more sauce.

See what I mean?

. . . mac and cheese
This was okay but after some time (before we even finish our plates) it became boring and we got tired of it. So we stick to the beef pomodoro.

For P149 we got to satisfy our bellies. Not bad. Not bad at all. Now if only they can open up another branch here in Cubao that'll be sweet.

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