Heaven And Eggs

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I love breakfast places especially those that serves breakfast all day. Heaven and Eggs is one of my faves. I used to frequent their branch in Eastwood before attending the Sunday mass. It's a good thing though that Tapioca had the chance to try H&E before they closed down.

. . . tower of onion rings

soup of the day . . .

We started of with the onion rings and a soup. As you all know the soup is a must in my every meal LOL. I forgot what soup we had but it was very creamy, piping hot and delicious. The onion rings had the right crunch and not too oily. They weren't kidding when the said tower of onion rings. It was a lot that Tapioca and I had a hard time consuming the entire thing.

. . . rockin' benedict

English muffin, Canadian ham, asparagus, poached egg topped with Hollandaise sauce and a mound of shoestring potatoes. Everything went so well together. I swear I died and went to egg heaven after eating this. Back then the only place I knew that serves eggs benedict was The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I was very happy when I found out this was included on the menu.

aren't they pretty?

Here's another shot of the eggs ben from a different angle. It's a feast not just on the eyes but also on the palate.

jeproks slammer . . .

Crispy adobo flakes, lucban longganiza and US angus tapa with adobo rice, pickled veggies, crispy egg and salted egg salsa. Tapioca had a feast too but he was not so happy with the crispy adobo flakes. He said it was dry as hell and not crunchy. The rest of them were just okay.

It was a hit and miss but still H&E has more to offer like pancakes and waffles, breakfast steaks, sandwiches and burgers, etc etc. Too bad there's no more H&E Eastwood. Now we needed to travel all the way to Makati to get our H&E fix.

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