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Sunday, March 25, 2012

While walking around Eastwood Mall we passed by this nice looking cafe which surprisingly open as early as 7am. Mind you, their menu was not limited to breakfast only which was great. From the outside the cafe looked tiny but when we went inside we were amaze to find out the dining area was very spacious and airy. The interior was tastefully decorated with fine furniture. We felt right at home. I wish I took some pictures of the place but I was not in the picture taking mood. Just wanted to enjoy the very relaxing ambiance. And oh by the way, on every table they have set up a buzzer for you to press should you need to get your server's attention. How convenient.

. . . seafood chowder

 I needed to have my comfort food so I ordered this. It was thick, rich, creamy, warm and very comforting. The accompanied garlic bread sticks were lightly toasted yet soft on the inside. 

chicken pot pie . . .

 It's not everyday we got to see savory pies on the menu. When Tapioca saw this he was so happy. When the pie was serve and we saw what it looked like he got even more excited. I got to try it and I must say it was very herb-y like in a bad way. My tongue got all confused with too much spices. Tapioca did agree but nevertheless the whole thing was consumed. 

. . . everything-in-it

 Tapioca's choice. The usual brekkie dish. Omelet with ham, cheese and veggies. It was alright but nothing to write home about. 

beef stew with mashed potato and a salad on the side . . .

 Jellybean's choice. I was craving for beef caldereta but this was the closest I can get early in the morning. It was delicious except the mashed taters was not smooth and creamy enough to my liking. Still nothing can beat Tapioca's (this is just my opinion). I got a cup of plain rice to go with the beef stew and the mashed potato was left untouched. The side salad was wonderful. Fresh greens with light and tangy vinaigrette dressing. Wished I got a full order of the salad.  

 Happy faces after a hearty meal. I heard Cafecinno by Dome has yummy cakes so we have to go back. Join us?

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