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Sunday, March 4, 2012

From Enchanted Kingdom we finally manage to catch their shuttle service ( we made sure we're at the parking lot before 7pm). At the parking lot we were the first passengers to arrive and surprise surprise, we saw the guy who gave us instructions on how to get to EK. He was indeed part of the shuttle service. When I saw him I wanted to bury my face sa hiya. LOLz.

After hours of walking and roaming around the theme park it felt so good to know that we didn't have to experience the haggardo moments of commuting back to Manila. We can just relax and wait til we're back in Manila. And relax we did. Never mind the strangers inside the van. Tapioca and I was able to take a nap. Manong driver was good. His driving was superb. It was not too fast nor too slow. I hate heavy footed drivers. They make me dizzy and stress out. He's definitely not like those annoying drivers.

In less than 30 minutes we reached EDSA which was experiencing heavy traffic due to the rush hour. The shuttle dropped us off in Glorietta. We're expecting that it will be hard to hire a cab during this time so we decided to kill time and have dinner at Outback Steakhouse for steak and maybe some booze.

While browsing the menu for drinks I got interested on this non-alcoholic drink and ordered it instead . . .

. . . sparkling citrus cooler

It's a mixture of red sangria, pomegranate flavouring, lime, orange and cucumber then topped with sprite. Something new to try but the cucumber did not work for me. Next time I will order a real cocktail.

Tapioca wanted to dine in the smoking room. No more tables available so we sat at the bar where there's a huge TV showing the ESPN channel. Tapioca was please with our spot as he likes to watch TV while eating. We can also see the bartenders at work :-)

Since we're both tired already we ditched the idea of having steak and ordered something that is easy to eat. This was Tapioca's pick . . .

typhoon burger . . .

It's a massive burger with fried onion rings on top and typhoon special sauce. He liked this a lot as the burger was juicy and his request was granted. It was a perfect medium rare.

fish and chips . . .

This was my order. A huge fish with generous serving of chips on the side. I was not able to finish the entire thing. Don't get me wrong. Their fish and chips was pretty good. I just realized I'm becoming weary of fried cream dory dishes.

sleepy jellybean and tapioca

And we called it a night.

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