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Friday, March 2, 2012

Our supposed Singapore trip failed but we still decided to take a vacation leave from the office (we needed so badly) and set off to proceed with Plan B. We didn't want to waste our precious days off work and we'd like to do something or go somewhere we have never been to before.

Actually, it was a toss between Ocean Park and EK (Enchanted Kingdom) but the latter won. I did a little research on how to get there cos believe it or not I haven't been to EK ever. I know, I know it's about time. Years ago, my college friends and I made some plans to go there but all the plans ended up to be drawings. Well it's meant to be that Tapioca and I, both first timers pay the famous theme park in the Philippines a visit.

We called Enchanted Kingdom's office in Makati and we were told that they have a shuttle service near SM Makati, specifically at the ground floor of the Edsa Car Park. The shuttle goes directly to the theme park and it leaves at exactly 11:30 am so we have to be there early. They also had a booth in there where we can pay and claim a day pass for the park.

Our adventure started when we arrived 10 minutes late after the departure of the shuttle. I was very disappointed. We kept asking anyone who might know the exact location of the shuttle. The Edsa Car Park was huge and it held several shuttle services and FX taxis.

Until this guy approached us and confirmed that the shuttle has already left. He said they have another one going there but they need to fill up the empty seats or else lugi daw sila. And I was like "Are you sure you're the official shuttle service for Enchanted Kingdom?" Sorry ha but as far as I know Enchanted Kingdom has a huge bus with the huge EK logo on it. What they had is an L300 van. Ni wala sign na it's going to Laguna or whatevs. Parang colorum lang.

Sadness. I was pretty excited pa naman to ride that bus (I always get to see that big EK bus when I used to work in Makati some 6-7 years ago) but darn we missed it. Still the guy was very nice (despite my being doubtful of him almost to the point I sounded rude na) and gave us instructions on how to get to EK.

So we followed the guy's instructions. Took a bus going to Alabang. Then from Alabang he said to take another bus or jeep going to Sta. Rosa. But when we arrived in Alabang we couldn't see any buses going to Sta Rosa. We asked some random stranger and we were told to go to this terminal. At the terminal, there was only one jeepney going to EK. I tell ya it was so freakin' hot that day. I swear hotness to the nth level. The jeep took forever to be filled with passengers. Worse, the jeep was park right outside the street without any shades or obscuration from the glaring heat of the sun. It felt like we're baking inside an oven. Bad trip pa we didn't bring our sunnies with us. Buti na lang there were sidewalk vendors selling 50-peso sunglasses.

After 20 years the jeep finally took off and some air finally get into the jeep. We forgot that we were suppose to drop off at Waltermart. Eng-eng lang at nagpakalayu-layu pa kami until we realized kami na lang passengers sa jeep. We decided to get off and hired a tricycle to EK. To our surprise, the trike dropped us off at Waltermart. The trike driver said his trike is not allowed inside EK so we have to take another trike. Nyak. *slapping my forehead*

. . . sooooooo glad we made it!

Lesson learned: Be on time if you're going to avail of the shuttle service. Apparently they do not follow Filipino time. When we arrived at EK the first thing we did was get our day passes and pay for the shuttle service going back to Manila. The price was pretty steep but considering the hassle we went thru I think it's a good deal.

More of our Enchanted Kingdom story on the next post.

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