Camp Sandugo's Indoor Wall Climbing

Thursday, September 20, 2012

This is what came into mind when I refuse to be stuck at home on our special day.

. . . camp sandugo's indoor wall climbing

I missed wall climbing. I used to do wall climbing back in the days when Pinnacle Gym was still open in Eastwood City. The reason I'd sign up for a membership is because of the wall climbing facility and the aerobics classes and boxing classes and the sauna and the jacuzzi and the steam bath and the spa and the projector TV and DVD with lazy boy. San ka pa? Ang dami ko na-mention hahaha! Actually, it's just the wall climbing thingy that really sold me into getting a memebership. The rest, added perks na lang. Ang daming perks!

Never tried wall climbing in Market Market and Tapioca was up for the challenge so here we are for some fun-filled, physically exhausting and thrilling activity. Camp Sandugo's indoor wall climbing boasts of 44 feet high wall - the highest in Metro Manila with 6 levels of difficulty.

The walk from Serendra to the 5th level of Market Market was the only warm up we did. So excited to climb we put on our gears right away.

First up on the wall, Tapioca.

Believe it or not, he managed to climb up the first level. Exhausted but still smiling after his very first wall climbing experience.

Next was Jellybean.

It was an easy climb. First level, eh. We did a couple more climbs before moving on to the next level.

jellybean on 2nd level . . .

This is me on the 2nd level. A few feet away from the top, I almost gave up. Second level pa lang pero mejo mahirap na. Not to mention ngalay na both my arms and legs. Tapioca never tried the 2nd level. Pagod na rin. And his weight was not helping, too. Definitely need to lose weight and practice. But of course, I give him props for trying this out. Imagine this wall is inside the mall and super dami tao nananonood but carry bells - wala cyang paki. Go lang ng go. I love you baby!!! Must diet na para we can climb more walls (mala- Spiderman lang ang peg) in the future:-)

Ending this post with a video.

PuccangGala  – (February 16, 2013 at 11:27 PM)  

wow! i;ve been wanting to try this kaso wala ko kasama (taga picture?!)

Jelly Bean  – (February 23, 2013 at 6:57 AM)  

Haha! Cge next time when we go back, join ka samin :-)

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