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Saturday, September 22, 2012

After tiring ourselves from the wall climbing activity, we decided to go home early. But before going home I asked if we can get some ice cream because I was so bitin from the the gelato we had early. Too lazy to go back to Serendra, I settled for caramel sundae from Dairy Queen. While waiting in line, Tapioca excused himself. He said he's too tired to be waiting in line and he needed some place to sit down. We spotted some empty seats outside Mann Hann and I told him to wait for me there. When I got my ice cream, I found him nowhere outside Mann Hann. Instead he was sitting inside with a menu on hand. Talaga naman, akala ko uwian na?

Well, when it comes to Chinese food, he will never say no. While waiting for me he suddenly felt the cravings for dimsum. That's why he took the chance with the last table available inside the resto. It looks like most of Mann Hann's patrons do not like to dine outside because it's right next to the hallway, the busiest part of the mall. The restaurant itself was full of diners. It was hard to get the server's attention. No wonder everyone wants to eat inside the resto.

I let Tapioca take care of the food. My only request - hakaw.

. . . house tea

We requested for some hot tea and we were serve these cups. Since both of us are tea drinkers one cup is never enough. Asking for a refill was a challenge. Did I tell you it was a busy day at Mann Hann? Yeah jam-packed ang resto. How we wish they gave us a teapot so we can help ourselves.

my caramel sundae from Dairy Queen . . .

. . . first batch of dimsum that arrived on the table 

fried dumplings . . . 

The dumplings were total waste of money and calorie. It was oily and tasteless. Did not like it and we never finished it :-(

. . . siomai

jellybean's order -  hakaw . . . 

This was cheap but pretty good.

. . .  shrimp rolls

Tapioca and I both agreed that this was the winning dish. Shrimps with century egg and tofu wrapped in egg rolls. Super yummy and tasty. We would go back to Mann Hann just for this shrimp rolls. And it's affordable, too.

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