3rd Anniversary

Monday, September 10, 2012

Last September 9, we celebrated our special day. Our 3rd Year Anniversary. Yay!!!! Year after year, I realized we never really stick to any plans. We are very fickle minded people. Most of the time I hate it but I figured we like spontaneity better. As always we planned to go out of town to celebrate but one thing led to another. A day before the actual date of our anniversary, Tapioca and I went to the mall to buy his dream tennis racket and then some and the whole idea of an out of town trip went out of the window.

It all started (and ended) in El Pueblo, Ortigas.

1. Lunch at Café 1771.

2. Bought Tapioca his dream tennis racket. He was so happy he went nuts.

Babolat Pure Storm GT. Photo from here

3. Watched Total Recall

Photo from here. 

Can I just say Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel were so damn hot! And Colin Farrel must be super duper pogi for them to be fighting over him. Lucky dude!

4. Shopping. Since Tapioca got himself a fancy racket, dapat meron din ako. Megamall was on sale and I had a grand time going window shopping until we went inside Forever21. My gosh, there were so many nice things to buy I want them all! Of course I can't buy them all. I got so depress Tapioca had to drag me away from that store. Ending wala ako nabili ni isang piraso :-(

5. Dinner at The Kebab Factory.

6. Night cap at Sidebar. We already spent the whole day out so we went all out. Todo na toh! From Megamall we went back to El Pueblo and had a couple of drinks (I think I had more!) at Sidebar before going home.

After all those activities we got so exhausted we told ourselves to stay at home the following day and rest. But but but, you know how fickle minded we are so that didn't happened as well. On our special day, we went to Market Market for some serious physical activity and revisit a fave restaurant in Serendra. Will make separate post on each activity soon.

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