Penne Pasta & Meatballs

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It's pasta night at Casa Reyes. I told Tapioca I wanted Pinoy style pasta therefore the hotdogs.We can' t get over the meatballs spaghetti from Shakey's so we decided to make our own.

. . . ingredients for the pasta dish

The meatballs from Shakey's are oven-baked. We don't have an oven yet so the next best thing to do with these babies is to pan-fry them . . .  in butter(!!!) and oil so the butter won't get burnt.

 making the garlic toast . . .

Tapioca was in charge of the pasta while I was in charge of the garlic toast. I discovered an easy way to make garlic toast thru Topaz Horizon's blog (check it out here) and gave it a try. First is to toast the bread. The rough surface of the bread acts like a grater when you rub the garlic on it. Tapioca was against the idea. He said he would rather add the garlic directly into the butter. Since I'm in charge of the toast, I get to do what I wanted.

Lastly is to seal the garlic flavor by slathering butter all over it.

Here's our yummy meal. The penne pasta was delicious especially the meatballs. The garlic toast was a failure. I didn't like the raw garlicky taste on the bread. Perhaps will try to look for other ways to make garlic toast.

One last look on the wonderful pasta. Yum!

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