The Kebab Factory

Saturday, September 15, 2012

It was night time already and we're still stuck in Megamall so we decided to have dinner before going home. Tapioca and I had some difficulty finding a place to eat. Not that we didn't have any options. Actually, there's so many restaurants to choose from it gets harder to pick a place to go to. After some deliberation Tapioca suggested to dine some place we've never eaten before. Just like The Kebab Factory. Honestly, I'm not a fan of kebabs and it was the least of the food I wanted to eat. Never in my entire life did I crave for it. But Tapioca who's always curious about hummus insisted we give it a try. Since I'm not craving for anything anyway, I had no choice but to go with the flow.

. . . strawberry lassi and iced tea 

Tapioca had brewed iced tea while I had the strawberry lassi. Lassi is a popular Indian beverage which is yogurt-based. This is not the first time I've tried lassi and I can say I did like this version with a fruity twist from the strawberry. It's very refreshing. Perfect cleanser for the all the spices incorporated on the dishes we've ordered.

hummus with pita bread. . .

Made from mashed chickpeas with olive oil, lemon juices and other spices. I love chickpeas and we liked this dip so much the pita bread that came with it was never enough so we ordered some more.  

. . . veggie-meat kebab

I'm not sure what went to Tapioca's head when he ordered this. Both of us didn't like this. In the end he regretted ordering this. Trying hard kasi magpaka-healthy. Hahahaha!

shiskebab and beef kebab . . .

The shiskebab and beef kebab were opposite of the veggie meat.  Tender, juicy and full of those Indian flavors . . in a good way. I say this because there's a bad Indian spice that I don't like which is curry or anything amoy or lasang bumbay wehehehe! We assembled the kebab into sandwiches. More likely a shawarma sandwich by wrapping it all up in pita with some of the garlic and spicy sauces they provided. We did not order any rice and we're quite surprise we were stuffed already and there were still some more meat left.

Overall, Tapioca liked this place very much. There's a big chance we will go back. As for moi, my verdict is: okay lang. Di ko pa rin type. LOL!

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