Chicken & Brocolli Pasta

Friday, September 28, 2012

Inspired by B'ley of Blogalag, I tried her recipe to impress Tapioca. The recipe calls for few ingredients and easy prep. Now this is my kind of cooking. Less prep and cooking time. Perfect for lazy cooks like me.

. . . the ingredients

For recipe and procedures, check out her blog post here.

the finish product . . .

The pasta was a little overcooked but its was okay. They say taste is subjective and I did get mix reviews about this dish. Tapioca is biased with red sauces so this didn't really worked for him. Basta ako, I liked it. It was very light and healthy. I liked that it was a little spicy because of the chili flakes but the basil somehow balances out the flavor. It's good especially if you wanted something new aside from the usual white or red sauce pasta.

Funny how this was suppose to be a surprise for Tapioca but he ended up no liking it much. I guess, I have to keep on trying.

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