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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

We've been meaning to setup another special day soon and this one place we're considering to be part of. This place has some serious interiors. Looking at the photos online makes me drool in envy. So there you go, I drool not just for food but for designer-worthy photos of well decorated homes. I wish our house would look as nice and homey and beautiful as this restaurant someday

Cafe 1771 is divided in three dining areas namely Whimsy, The Lounge and Wine Bar. I wanted to dine in The Lounge however it was reserved for someone's party so we settled in the Whimsy.

 . . . popcorn and freshly brewed iced tea

The popcorn was for free. I always love freshly brewed iced tea and it was nice that they served it in a really tall glass.

caesar salad . . .

Tapioca's choice. Generous servings of fresh greens. It came in a really huge bowl. Love the fresh and crisp greens and light dressing. This salad was good.

. . . tomato soup

Soup of the day was Jellybean's choice. When they told me it was tomato soup I had second thoughts of ordering this because I never really like tomato soup. It's like having main course as your first. But they told me it was cream base so I gave it a try. It was nicely plated. One spoonful and I fell in love. I finally found a tomato soup that I adore. Rich, creamy, not to sour and not too hot.

 Jellybean's main course . . .

Sauteed sea bream with French beans and brunoise of dried mango, garlic and bacon; tomato-anchovy and olive oil dressing with risotto cake. I was thinking of having meat as the main but I thought I might not be able to finish it. This was our server's recommendation. I love the fresh and crunchy French beans. The risotto cake was quite filling. They gave me 2 big chunks of fish. It was soft and moist but after finishing the first chunk it became boring. I gave the rest to Tapioca for him to finished

. . . Tapioca's main course

Handmade ravioli filled with osyter mushrooms and ricotta cheese, tossed in extra virgin olive oil and herbs.
It looked small in serving but Tapioca said it was very filling. He liked it a lot. After wiping out everything on his plate he declared he was full and refused to order dessert.

Feel at home with the pink high chair. I love  it! So comfy and girly.

And I refused to leave without having dessert. Tapioca agreed to share this . . .

 lemon tart with candied orange peel . . .

This reminded me of lemon pie from the Lemon Pie House in Sagada except this was more sour and tangy. We paired it with some green tea.

It was such a nice dining experience. The food was beautifully plated and tasted good, too. Service was impeccable. Food was served hot but not too hot that you'll burn your tongue. Cold food served on chilled plates. The timing and pacing of the food we ordered was also perfect. After we're done with the appetizers, our main courses arrived then followed by dessert and tea. Nanonood siguro sila ng Hell's Kitchen kaya ganun. Lol! I wish to go back and try other dishes and desserts. And hopeful I get to experience dining at The Lounge next time.

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