Cafe Mary Grace - Revisited

Monday, September 17, 2012

On the last minute, our supposed plan to stay at home and rest changed again. We got bored. And the thought of staying at home doing the same things we always do every weekend didn't feel right. Not on our special day. We needed to do something productive.

I was thinking of a good 'ol comfort food from Cafe Mary Grace. I wanted Tapioca to try out their pasta so we can replicate them at home. He's taste bud is so awesome he can tell even the smallest hint of spice or herbs in the dish. Soon enough we found ourselves at their tiny cafe in Serendra.

 . . . home made wild raspberry iced tea

We love home made iced teas and a glass would never be enough so we ordered a pitcher to share. This was sweet and tangy.

toasted bread with cheddar cheese, tomatoes and capers . . .

 Tapioca loved the fresh bread. He always appreciate good bread. The dip was just okay.

 . . . caesar sald

We never fail to order this salad whenever we're eating out. Mary Grace's version looks kinda sad on the photo but  what lacks on the appearance compensates on the taste. Though I'd say we've tried much better Caesar salad elsewhere.

smoked salmon and cream . . .

. . . spanish sardines and olives pasta 

I let Tapioca ordered our drinks and the starters but I chose our pasta dishes. I had the salmon and cream while Tapioca had the Spanish sardines and olives pasta. My gosh, saltiness was reigning on both pasta dishes and I thought it was just normal. I mean smoked salmon was supposed to be salty right? So there goes Tapioca complaining on his first bite while I, on the other hand only realized this halfway through. The saltiness was extreme. It's not just the sauce itself but we're guessing they put too much salt in the water they used to cook the pasta and it carried on to the our dishes. The iced tea was not helping at all so we asked for water which took forever to arrived. The place was pretty jam-packed so we understood all the delay. But seriously, I thought of returning the pasta and complain. But then again  I have heard so many bad stories about customers returning their food. I'm afraid their kitchen staff would think we're hard-to-pleased customers and they might play with our food. I didn't want to imagine anymore!

Tapioca and I were very hungry. It was our first meal of the day at three in the afternoon. Despite the uber saltiness we managed to finished the pasta but our mouths were as dry as hell! Tapioca was very mad and swear never to return. I pleaded to him to let me get their cheesecake which I missed so much. He was very disappointed and refused to order dessert. I felt bad because I was the one who dragged him here in the first place. Tapioca was in a rush to leave the cafe. He said we can get dessert elsewhere and get rid of the nasty salty taste in our mouth.

My friends and I had a wonderful time the last time we dine here and it was unfortunate Tapioca didn't get the same experience. I love Cafe Mary Grace especially their pasta dishes but they let me down. Sigh. I still wanted to give them one last chance and decide if it's good-bye or not.

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