Home Made French Fries and Hash Browns

Monday, September 3, 2012

I've been crazy about French food and French cooking shows lately. I'm not sure why. I think I share with them the love for simple food and BUTTER. It's orgasmic. It's fattening. But it sooo good. With butter you can turn a simple dish into something that seems like out of this world. I'm exaggerating, I know.

While watching an episode of Julia Child's cooking show (Tapioca downloaded it for me :-P) about potatoes, I suddenly had cravings for French fries. Tapioca on the other hand wanted hash browns. I'm not a fan of hash browns. McDonald's or even the frozen ones from the supermarket I don't like. But since it's going to be home made I thought it might prolly change my mind. We went to the nearest market and brought a bag of potatoes.

My french fries made from 100% real potatoes with no preservatives. It was then deep fried with lots of oil until crispy. I wish I can use butter but it has low smoke point and burns easily on high temperature.

Tapioca's hash browns. Made from real potatoes too. Using a grater he shredded the potatoes and flatten them out like a pancake. They key in making the fries and hash browns crispy is by removing all the excess moisture from the potato. You don't want an explosion when you fry these baby, do you?

The Verdict  

Nothing beats home made French fries. It was awesome. Real pure potato goodness. If only potatoes are cheap I would make a whole bunch of them. The hash browns on the other hand was blah. Still did not like it home made or not.

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