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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

After the disappointing lunch at Mary Grace Cafe, Tapioca and I were on search for a dessert place. Tapioca particularly wanted to have some gelato and I knew a place near Market Market that sells cheap but good gelato. While walking around Serendra area we noticed this tiny cafe packed with customers. Turns out it was a gelato place. Just what Tapioca wanted.

The store has two chest freezers. We thought each chest showcase the same flavors but when we checked out the second chest freezer there's even more flavors to choose from

This is just one section of the freezer chest I'm talking about. The variety of flavors they offer were mind blowing. From the regular flavors like vanilla, chocolate and mango to exotic like passion fruit, guava, coconut, etc. It was awesome. Aside from gelato, the cafe offers coffee, sundaes and shakes. Yeah, I did not get my wish to have cheesecake from Cafe Mary Grace but I got my dose of cheesecake here. And my oh my, they have three different cheesecake flavors! I had a hard time choosing. In the end, I bough the forest berry cheesecake while Tapioca had his favorite Snickers chocolate.

. . . snickers gelato in cone 

Their gelato was a bit pricey but worth it. A serving of their smallest cup was full to the brim. As in siksik sa laman! What I love even more was the smooth and super dense texture similar to luxury brand ice creams. It's not too sweet and heavy that I feel like having more.

 my forest berry cheesecake - in gelato form!!!

This is one of the best gelato I've tried so far. Will definitely be back and try out other flavors.

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