Beef, Mung Bean Sprouts and Tofu

Friday, September 7, 2012

I got home one evening to a home-cooked meal made by Tapioca. He did all the grocery shopping, cooking, took all the photos and I get to blog about it. I found it nice that he (took the initiative and) understands the need to take pictures on all our food adventures. I'm such a lucky girl.

The main ingredients:

. . . beef, sukiyaki cut

onions and tofu . . .

. . . mung bean sprouts

the finished product . . .

Tapioca cooked each ingredient separately and then plated it as what you see on the photo above. The taste was a combination of salty and sour like adobo with an Asian twist from the sesame oil (it's one of his fave condiments). This was one of those random cooking experiments Tapioca likes to do in the kitchen. Personally, I thought the recipe needs a little tweaking. Tapioca grabbed some spices and condiments from the pantry, add them to the dish and viola . . . problem solved.

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