A Month Without A Job

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How's life been treating you lately? If you throw the same question to me, I'd say fair enough. I'm so lurving the photo below.

Yeah, it's been a month now. I'm no longer working for a job I've been doing for almost 7 years. Gosh, it feels so good. A breath of fresh air. That's what I needed. Couldn't get any better. Right now, I have so many things on my to-do list. I thought I'd make it in a month's time to complete. Boy was I wrong.  I realized I can't really consider my self as jobless. You know why? Cos I do have a job. Actually, I'm on training right now. Allow me to share the things that's been keeping me busy . . .

1. Housewife-in-Training

Most of my time is spent training to become the next domestic goddess like Martha Stewart or better yet my idol - Laura Calder. Such a classy girl. And very pretty, too!

. . . the beautiful Laura Calder

Never in my wildest dreams I'd thought of becoming a stay at home wifey. I'd always love working in an office and the reward of earning my own money. But very oddly, I seem to be having a good time in my so-called training. Moreover,  I'm also getting tons of inspiration from the housewife-in-training herself. Please do check her blog here.

2. Watch TV

Another perks of staying at home is I got to watch TV (At last, nagkaroon din ng silbi ang cable box namin). Back then, I don't watch TV even if we have cable. But now things have changed. I now watch TV A LOT. My favorite channel? Asian Food Channel, Lifestyle Network, TLC and Star World.

3. Spend lots of time with the kids

Yes our kids = cats. They keep me company especially when Tapioca's out for work. Except Sunday has been going out at night na rin. Since he had grown to be an adult he has now a night life (buti pa cya!) and I'm left with the kittens.  They like to eat a lot (ehem, may pinagmanahan), they like attention, always curious and can be pasaway at times. Still, I love them all so dearly.

You have met Sunday and Froot Loops. When carrot died, we thought we would stick with 2 cats. Apparently, we're destined for 3. Meet our 3rd kitten - Mochi.

4. Books

If there's time for TV, there is certainly time to read books. Currently reading at the mo . . .

The famous mommy porn book. The apat-na-sikat has been raving about this. Para makarelate sa chickahan with the girls I tried reading it. I'm still on the first book. It was quite a strange book. Ya know, I read romance novels before. And most of the love scenes described on those books the authors used flowery words para di naman maciado mahalay at the same time artistic pa rin ang dating. But this book was different. It was straight to the point erotica. *kalokah*

5. Computer Games

Current addition: Hell's Kitchen. I adore any pop cap games especially when it's food related.

 Chef Gordon Ramsey and his kitchen from hell . . .

6. My blog

Obviously, this free time is allowing me to update the blog. 

I do understand that my situation is temporary. So allow me to enjoy while it last.

All photos from google search with the exception of the three cats eating.

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