Nanay's Picadillo

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

You have seen Tapioca's version of picadillo. Now you will see my Nanay's picadillo. Nanay isn't really a cook but she try her darnest to serve us home cook food. When cooking, Nanay is notorious for scrimping on ingredients and don't put much thought on how it would taste. Her motto, basta may lasa, pwede na. You can just imagine how my brother and I would be so disappointed with her cooking. But you know if you're hungry wala ka na choice but to eat what's on the table. Couldn't really blame her. Despite her busy schedule she still try to cook something for us. Until now, Nanay hasn't change a bit on her cooking style.

Just look at the photo. Looks yummy right? But the taste, hhhmmmm lasang picadillo naman but lacks flavor. Nanay didn't mind us picking on her cooking. I guess she has been so used to it as we have been used to her cooking as well.

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