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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We traveled to the land of Gods - Greece and experienced their wonderful cuisine. No need for plane tickets. Just go to Eastwood and you'll find healthy and yummy Greek dishes at Cyma.

. . . the open kitchen and the staff

That is Cyma's open kitchen and we loved it. Their staff were super friendly and game enough to pose for our camera.

. . . Tapioca and our drinks

Tapioca asked for a lemonade and I ordered the watermelon shake. It came in this really tall glass. Sulit ang bayad!

saganaki . . .

I ordered this house flaming special because I was curious about the "OPA" presentation. I chose the Cyma Original which has mozzarella, parmesan, grilled garlic and EVOO (extra virgin olive oil). The server had to flambe the dish and shout out a loud "OPA" before serving it. Quite amusing and entertaining at the same time. The dish came with bread to dip it into. Yum!

. . . kurobuta pork pansetes

This was off the menu. They also called it the Greek Liempo. It's grilled Japanese Berkshire (black hog) belly, served on artisan farmer's bread with Greek roasted potatoes and tzatziki. Tapioca's choice. If wagyu = beef, then kurobuta = pork. Well, Tapioca said the pork was soft but there was nothing really special. Too bad the pork and bread combo didn't work to make the kurobuta stand out. Also bread + potato = carbs overload!

chicken gyro . . .

This was kinda like the Mexican burrito except it didn't have any fillers (no rice). More on meat and veggies. I guess this is more comparable to shawarma but with the Greek-y touch because of the tzatziki. Sorry if that didn't sound right. I'm running out of words. LOL!.Anyway, this was good.

garides mi feta spaghetti . . .

I'm a newbie to Greek cuisine so I didn't have any clue as to what to order. I asked our friendly waitstaff for recommendation. She said this was their best seller. I am not really a fan of tomato-based pasta but I ordered it anyway (and I'm glad I did). As expected it was sour tasting but there were more flavours on that thick red sauce that balanced out the sourness. I couldn't really tell what the flavours were but it encouraged me take a bite one after another and the flavours were just bursting like there's a party in my mouth! Absolutely delish. And those prawns, those giant succulent prawns! This was just a solo order but it came with four grilled prawns. Very generous indeed. I had a hard time finishing everything so I had to share it with Tapioca who by the way was very happy with the pasta dish. After all this was his kind of pasta. Of all the food we ordered this was hands down the winner. We lurve, lurve it!

And we love Cyma! Will definitely going back to try more of their dishes and more of the garides pasta.

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