Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I have a fond memory of Chili's especially the Tomas Morato branch. The memory I shared with the apat na sikat. I dream of the day when the four of us will be able to dine here and reminisce the good ol' days.

On this visit, I'm sharing it with Tapioca and his look-a-like cousin Boogs whom I met for the first time. I swear Boogs looked like the younger and thinner version of Tapioca. They're more like brothers than cousins. And he was so makulit and kalog just like Tapioca. Here's what we ordered . . .

. . . southwestern eggrolls

sprite for Boogs and a huge mug of beer for Tapioca . . .

. . . watermelon shake for Jellybean

Boogs and his mini burgers . . .

. . . big mouth burger bites

The mini burgers were called big mouth because they were indeed too big for one bite. It had thick burger patties topped with bacon, American cheese and onions. Despite its size, it was still too much for Boogs.

a bowl of chili . . .

As the restaurant name imposed, we're oblige to try it. Tapioca claims it's authentic Tex-Mex chili. I have to take his word for it. He knows his chili like the back of his palm.

. . . chicken alfredo pasta

This is what I ordered. A regular size pasta and it came in a huge platter good for 2-3 persons. Boogs and Tapioca weren't in the mood for pasta so I had this all by myself.

Tapioca's choice . . .

Tapioca ordered for half a rack of baby back ribs, monterey chicken breast topped with green onions, chili rice, fresh sauteed mushrooms and sweet corn on the cob.

. . . from another angle so you can see the ribs

Again, it was huge and pretty much good for sharing. But the big eater finished these all off along with a piece of Boog's mini burger.  Oops I was kidding of course. He may be a big eater but it was just too much. Basically, we got so overwhelmed with what we ordered and  everyone failed to finish everything. We ended up with doggy bags and consumed them the following day.

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