Coco Beach: Breakfast, Lunch And More

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Breakfast buffet in the garden with the view of the sea.

. . . the view

pinoy fare brekky . . .

On the table - pork afritada, pancit miki, sardines and plain rice. That's my plate. I also had omelet, some breads (not on the photo) and a glass of four-season juice. We love their omelet station. You can instruct the chef to cook the omelet the way you like it.

After breakfast, Tapioca and I hung out at the beach while waiting for Chito for the next water activity. It was high tide that morning and the beach was much nicer.

. . . Chito and his boat

When Chito arrived, he brought us to a snorkeling place in Puerto Galera where we saw giant clams and fed some fishes. Unforch, I didn't have photos of us snorkeling. Then he toured us to different islands around Puerto Galera. We also stopped by another town which name I have forgotten and bought some pasalubong.

Tapioca at one of the souvenir shops . . .

That's the place where Chito and his family lives.

We thought we'd last an entire day snorkeling and island hopping but turned out we got tired easily due to lack of sleep. When lunchtime came, we have requested to return back to the resort so can sleep some more. Here we are back at the resort chilling out at the pool area . . .

. . . Tapioca

Jellybean . . .

. . . pool area

We went back to our  cottage to retire.  Look at the grumpy Tapioca. You can tell he's all worn out especially hiking up to our room . . .

how many more steps?

Our bed was all made up again by the service family. Hay, sana ganito rin sa bahay pag-uwi namin. Sarap maging señorita't señorito even just for a few days :-)

buri bag . . .

This buri bag was very useful during our stay. It was big enough to fit all our stuff like the beach towels, sunscreen, sunnies, camera, water bottles, snacks and more abubot so there's no need to keep coming back to the cottage. We had everything in one bag.

. . . inside the bag

room service again from Carabao Restaurant . . .

For lunch, I had sinigang na hipon and mango shake while Tapioca had chicken cordon blue with french fries and veggies on the side. Servings were huge. Good for big eaters like us. However, we were so tired to eat (which rarely happens) and we weren't able to finish the food.

. . . coco news

Before we went to bed I saw this lying on the dresser. It contained info about the weather forecast, foreign exchange, featured activities, the menu and specials for the day on the four restaurants, friendly reminders from the Coco Beach family and more. I found this as a really nice touch on the resort.

trying to wake up from the afternoon nap . . .

We slept for hours and when we woke up we realized happy hour was over. We still haven't tried the Silent Pool and the jacuzzi which was just a few steps from our cottage.

. . . this way to the silent pool

the silent pool's bar . . .

Since happy hour was over, so did the bar at the silent pool. It was already close when we arrived. The jacuzzi was also until 6pm only. Too bad we missed it. Good thing the pool is still open to guests.

This was called the silent pool because you're not allowed to be noisy. Tapioca and I had the place to ourselves so there's no worry about getting too loud. It felt like we own the place. It was lovely.

We just spent a few minutes in the pool and headed back to our cottage so we can get ready for dinner.

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