Coco Beach: Last Hooray

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Finally we have arrived at the last post of the Coco Beach series. One last day to enjoy. I woke up early because we still haven't toured the entire resort. Tapioca on the other hand was not in the mood since it will surely require a lot of walking. He would rather enjoy his slumber than to hike up and down the hill. While I was getting ready, I realized I have forgotten to charged up the camera's battery. Darn. No choice, I plugged the camera's battery and waited for a few minutes until it gets enough power.

Actually it wasn't so bad I got stuck in the room for a few minutes since I got to enjoying this view which I only have a few hours to see. Could have been nice to have a cup of tea however the Carabao restaurant was still close and room service won't be available until six am.

. . . the early morning view from the balcony

When the battery had enough charge, I went on my own ala Dora The Explorer.  I got to explore the plants and vegetation of the resort which was quite nice. It's amazing they were able to maintain everything. From the huge palm trees and fruit-bearing trees to the flowering plants, all of them were in perfect condition.

the cottage . . . 

That's our cottage. Pardon the towels. We have to hung them out like that to dry.

. . . the pathway

. . . my feet and the seashell details

the gym . . .

This was suppose to be the gym area however you won't see any of the equipments as they were under maintenance.

. . . the crossroads

Pathway leading to different directions.

Touch of Asia Restaurant . . .

I passed by the Touch of Asia restaurant which we weren't able to try. Maybe next time. This restaurant operates during lunch and dinner time only. The food they served were mostly Asian from Chinese, Thai, Malay, Indian etc. I got to explore it in the morning where no one was around.

. . . this way to the silent pool

I went back to the silent pool so I can take pictures of the place without interfering other guests.

the silent pool and its lush greens . . .

. . . shower room and cable car 

The Coco Beach had a cable car which they also called cable jeepney. With that it makes going up and down the cottages more convenient specially for guests staying in the hilltop rooms (like we do). Unfortunately, during the time of our visit, the cable jeepney was out of order.

. . . wooden chairs for lounging

the jacuzzi . . .

. . . beautiful  orchids

pool cleaning time . . .

. . . last shot taken before my camera died again

It felt good to roam around in the morning as there were less chance of bumping into one of the guests and I can take as much picture as I like. My only issue was my camera's battery. It was not charge fully therefore I didn't really get far away from our cottage.

I went back to the cottage and charged up the battery some more. When Tapioca woke up we headed down to the restaurant for breakfast. The plan was to eat as much as we can since we will be leaving the place at exactly twelve noon. We still needed to pack our stuff and we won't have enough time to eat lunch.

And eat a lot we did. Check out my brekkie plate . . .

deep-fried surprise (you won't know what you'll get until you bite on it), roasted tomato, picadillo . . .

I had two rounds of this.

. . .  cheese omelet, more cheese slices and ham 

cereal with fresh fruits . . . 

After all those food, chillax naman sa beach. I wanted to take a nap but I couldn't resist the sea. It was calling me. This was our last day and I have to take advantages of the last few hours to enjoy the sand and the water on a nice weather like this . . .

. . . blowfish spotted

I changed into my bikini and enjoy a nice swim. Now, now since we pigged out at the breakfast buffet my tummy was so full I looked like I swallowed a whole melon. Seriously. Kapal pa ng mukha ko magpictorial.

Eeek. Itago ang mga tiyan!!!

I tried to do a jump shot but it failed. I looked like a butete jumping kaya wag na lang. Hirap pa tumalon ng busog. Si Tapioca na lang tingnan nyo!

one, two, three . . . jump!!!

 yay! nice one!

We still haven't tried the jacuzzi and this was going to be our last chance. We hurriedly went up the hill to enjoy the few minutes we got.

Finally jacuzzi! And once again, we're the only guest in the silent pool area. Nice. My third fruit shake - banana shake. And it was just as good as the watermelon and the mango. Di maciado matamis as always. Tapioca had a San Mig light.

At exactly twelve noon our boat that will transfer us back to Batangas arrived. It was a perfect time to sail off as the water was calm. Just like the time when the dolphins welcomed us, the showed up again to bit us farewell. What an incredible experience it was. This time we're able to catch them on video.

Some  huge ships we saw on our away. The ocean maybe big but these ships were sailing not to far from our small outrigger boat. The though of bumping into one of them was nerve-wrecking.

When we arrived at the private port, a Toyota Fortuner was waiting for us. Social talaga. Since there were just four of us (me, Tapioca and another couple) they've used the Fortuner instead of a van. We had a  few minutes stop over at a gas station for wee-wee break.

With kuya driver. He was actually younger than us and I kept on calling him kuya. What a shame. Lol.

Coco Beach is not a 5 star resort but the type of service we received, the hospitality, the friendly staff, the VIP treatment made it feel like we are in a 5 star resort. If you wanted a different kind of Puerto Gallera experience with more exclusivity and isolation, I highly recommend this place.

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