Paraffin Wax Treatment at Nail Tropics

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Foot spa at the nail salon is one of my indulgences (aside from food and travel). You see, our feet carry one of the most important role in our daily life - walking. We walk, it takes us to different places, gets all the beating and we take it for granted.

Back when I was still in school, I used to have nice feet. Imagine everyday naka-shoes with socks? Cyempre super protected ang mga paa. When I started working and had to walk long route to get to the office, I discovered the convenience of flip-flops. But flip-flops exposes our feet to sun, dust and dirt causing dryness, cracked soles and uneven skin tone.

So now I'm guilty for making my feet ugly. To lessen the guilt, I go to nail salons. Nail Tropics to be specific. 

. . .  the ambiance

I love the relaxing ambiance of Nail Tropics. The serene music playing in the background, the comfy beach chairs, the cleanliness, the spa-like atmosphere, it's perfect. It will make you fall asleep while having your nails done.

On this post, I'm having my favorite foot spa treatment, the paraffin wax. First thing is to soak up and wash the feet. Pretty much the standard for any foot spa treatment.

Then comes the tub of warm paraffin wax. They soaked my feet several times until it is fully coated. The wax was hot but bearable. I love this treatment because there's so much benefits you can get like:

- soften hardened skin
- increases the skin's elasticity
- the heat helps increase blood flow and relax the muscles.
- and more (source from here)

the boots and my huge calves . . .

Once the feet are fully covered with wax, they covered it in plastic and put on the insulated boots to hold the heat. After 10 minutes the plastic, the boots and the wax are removed with ease and without any pain at all. Then the pedicure comes next.

Unfortunately, I don't know where the rest of the pictures from this visit. I prolly lost them  from the old computer but anyway, I highly recommend getting a paraffin wax treatment. Yes, it is expensive but you should give it a try at least once in your life.  Your feet deserve it!

Nail Tropics is one of the most expensive salons I've tried. And if you wanted to use branded polish you have to pay extra for P60. But the reason I keep coming back is because I get my money's worth. The service, the way they take care of my toes and feet, the relaxing ambiance, the massage after the treatment - hay nakakatanggal talaga ng stress. Aside from that, they have a wide variety of treatments that target specific concerns. Hindi lang puros upgrade like the services offered on other nail salons. And last but not the least, the location. It's near the mall, it's near  the (my then) office and our place.

After trying out so many nail salons in the metro I've come to realized na wala talagang perfect. It all boils down to the nail techs. If the nail tech you get is good then chances are you'll gonna give them a good grade. But if the nail tech is so-so then patay na ang rating ng salon. I also get my share of so-so nail techs at Nail Tropics. Pinaka-hate ko sa lahat? Minamadali yung service! Oh well, this does not happen all the time (thank God!) but in rare cases it does happen. And when it does, sorry na lang but don't expect any tip from me. LOL!

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