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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tapioca used to live in a huge house where he rented a small room for himself. On that huge house there's a common bathroom and kitchen. As you know, Tapioca likes to cook. He may love to share his cooking but never his cooking utensils, especially to his housemates. He kept all of his stuff inside his room and I tell ya it was not a pretty sight. His stuff were accumulating dust and everything looked so out of place. I finally convinced him to purchase an inexpensive cabinet to store and organize everything or anything that would fit in it.

We went shopping for the cabinet in Shopwise Cubao. We were able to score a deal (huge discount!) for that last piece of furniture. It was a children's closet but we figured it would be good enough. Aside from the closet we also got storage shelves na buy one take one. It was quite a steal.

Here's Tapioca assembling the shelf. I did the other one.

. . .  assembly time

viola! instant storage shelf . . .

 . . . the cabinet assembly diagram

If the shelves were a piece of cake to assemble, this cabinet was the opposite. Too many components to put all together.  Tapioca couldn't expect me to do the hammering job so I got stuck with anything that can be used with a screwdriver. When it came to the part where we have to put together the big planks of wood, Tapioca and I started fighting. He wanted me to do things he knew I couldn't do and he's getting frustrated. Ako rin frustrated. I was like "Akala ko ba you've had carpentry job before?' and he was like "I worked in construction and I did masonry not carpentry." Yeah, yeah right. We're almost done na with the cabinet when we noticed its not aligned and the support was not balanced. Super bad trip. Tapioca had to redo everything. He'd removed all the nails that has been hammered already and put them again like three times. We're running out nails and there's still a lot more to do. Muntik pa masira yung thin board para sa likod ng cabinet. And you know what's more upsetting? He was blaming me kaya daw di nag-align. Eh sino ba naglalagay ng pako at nagmamartilyo? Eh di ba cya naman so dapat sisihin nya sarili nya. And I'm not helping daw! Asa pa cya ako magpupukpok ng pako baka mas lalong nasira yung cabinet. I knooooowwww, I'm so unsupportive. Hay, bad me.

Buti na lang our officemate was going to come over the place and offered to bring take outs. When they came ayon mejo um-okay mood namin. Gutom lang pala. By the way, here's the finished product . . .

labor of love (and hate) . . . 

This cabinet served as the pantry (where we kept the condiments, spices, sauces and canned goods) and storage for the dishes, pots and pan, and other kitchen stuff. Note the clutter in the photo. I told you this cabinet was the only thing that looked neat and organize in the room :-)

We've also put one of the shelves inside to make more divisions at the same maximize the space. The other shelf Tapioca used to store his growing collection of burned DVDs.

Next time we will  leave wood working projects like this to the professional para walang away.

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