The Original Singapore Chicken Rice

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Singapore chicken rice also known as Hainanese chicken rice has been making waves in Manila. The first time I've tried it was from the popular Paotsin kiosk. The Hainanese chicken rice from Paotsin was good but the flavor can get boring and tiresome. Their version might not be the real thing but then again I haven't tried anything aside from that. When I heard about this place that claims to be the original, I dragged Tapioca with me for some foodie adventure.

Singapore Chicken Rice is located at the back of Shopwise Arcade in Cubao. Their interior was kinda similar to Chowking with its white and red colors and the fast food joint ambiance. Tapioca wanted to dine in the comfort of our house so we had take outs instead. Aside from the chicken rice they also served other popular Singaporean dishes like this one below . . .

. . . chicken satay in skewers with rice balls

Tapioca had this. He said it was good. I never like anything satay so I dare not try it.

chicken rice . . .

This was my order. For some reason I found it bland. Both the chicken and the rice.

. . . free soup in styro cups

Each meal comes with free soup made from chicken broth. The soup I can give a thumps up. I wish somebody can tell me what's the taste of an authentic chicken rice and how to eat it. Or perhaps I should try to go to Singapore and try it myself.

Glenn Encinares  – (October 1, 2012 at 8:52 AM)  

12:00 a.m. na, and after reading this post gutom na gutom na ako ^_^

Sarap naman niyan, may bukas pa kayang tindahan ngayon???

Jelly Bean  – (October 10, 2012 at 8:20 AM)  

Oo naman. mga 24 hours convenience stores hehehe. much better kung magpadeliver ka na lang. more convenient :-)

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